Innovating drives us forward. Our aim is to shape the mobility of tomorrow, both actively and responsibly. For more than 125 years we have been a driving force in the development of all kinds of road transport. This experience gives us an advantage that we are exploiting to ensure the long-term future of mobility.

Leading Through Innovation

Our engineers focus on the future every day, the aim being to implement innovative technology. Since inventing the car in 1886, we’ve simply never stopped reinventing it. This aspiration has resulted in developments that have had a lasting impact on automotive engineering.

In other words, we are working to make sure that a Mercedes-Benz will always be ahead of its time. We have developed one ground breaking solution after another to get closer to realizing our vision of safe and accident-free driving. Innovative technologies such as the pre-safe anticipatory occupant protection system and DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control first made it onto the road in a Mercedes-Benz, setting new standards in vehicle safety. It was the first time active and passive systems had been combined – for even better protection and ride comfort.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive takes things a stage further by combining sensors with safety and assistance systems. For us, it’s a logical progression as the traffic situation has changed. There are more vehicles on the road, the driver’s job is becoming more complex and the likelihood of distraction is increasing.

To give the driver even more assistance and deal with the situation effectively, we have revolutionized the car once more: a Mercedes-Benz is now able to “see” better in all the dimensions. It has an even better view of the road and other road users, and it can react to what it sees.

We have developed a stereo camera system that is capable of seeing in three dimensions. Together with further sensors, this produces a 360° all-round view – a precise image of the surroundings. If the driving assistance and safety systems detect danger, they can respond within a fraction of a second to provide the driver with the right assistance for the situation in hand. By braking or performing an evasive maneuver in dangerous situations, or by dimming part of main beam for the benefit of oncoming traffic, for example.

Pioneer of innovation – Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive once again underlines our ambition to lead and points the way ahead to accident-free and autonomous driving.

We invented the car:
now we are shaping its future.


We are pioneers in the construction of automobiles and we see it as both an incentive and an obligation to repeatedly put our innovative capabilities to the test in a quest for groundbreaking technologies and products that are secondto none. The first motor car, the first production automobile with a diesel engine, the first safety body – these and many other milestones demonstrate our determination to actively shape the mobility of the future. That is not to say our innovative drive is focused solely on our vehicles, it is also striving towards sustainable mobility. The key question: what is the best way to improve our vehicles’ safety, efficiency and quality even further? One way is with the climatic wind tunnels at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center in Sindelfingen. This facility recreates extreme weather conditions indoors and enables us to develop new vehicles and components efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

We test from every angle.

Driving without taking to the road: The Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre is home to the most advanced driving simulator in the automotive industry, making it the ideal place to test components for future models at all development stages, safely and in an environmentally friendly way.